purrgatory is a visual novel about passing time in an afterlife where nothing really matters. explore a whimsical point-and-click world, befriend seven charming characters, and remember — furever's not so bad!

winner of the "i can't draw" game jam and featured in the museum of pop culture in seattle, washington!

¡ya disponible en español de españa, cortesía de @samutoga!


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PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(394 total ratings)
AuthorNiv 🦌
GenreVisual Novel
Made withGodot
TagsCats, Cute, Funny, Furry, Hand-drawn, LGBT, Pixel Art, Point & Click, Slice Of Life, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Castilian
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast
LinksSteam, Twitter


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10/10 absolutely lovely! ツ 

everytime when I try to climb down the rope, I'm stuck. What can I do? 

Are you using the arrow keys on your keyboard?

Yes, I even tried a different keyboard

eep sorry but i dont know how to help... i have had reports of the screen going black at this section, but if that happens you can just keep climbing down until things happen. if youre not able to move at all, i'm just as confused as you ):

I tried it again and it worked!:D Still don't know why it didn't worked earlier




everytime i play this, i learn smth new


When you get the draw-a-paw, before you give it to Natalie, click on items then click on the draw-a-paw

and im not ur brah


"i can clearly see the outline of the book under ur jacket"
"maybe im just happy to see you"

i only just got it XDD


i loved the game :D

What should I do if I want to do some localization?


message me on twitter @nivrad00 :3

it keeps crashing when i’m doing tic-tac-toe against oliver i put my x down and the whole game stops responding

Im sorry, thats been happening to some people! You can get past the game if you click the skip button

it keeps crashing when i’m doing tic-tac-toe against oliver i put my x down and the whole game stops responding

this is now my new favourite thing ever omg

wait heck im lost how do i get to the room with sean and elijah again

There's a map here if thatll help! https://nivrad00.itch.io/purrgatory/devlog/277657/stuck-hints-solutions

Can't draw my ass!! This art's so charming.

Having a account doesn't make my saves go to another device? 


No, sorry!

(1 edit)


Dang i wish i could help but i've never heard of this happening before o-o I know this reply is late so have you managed to get past it?

thank you so much for replying, but i managed to get past it!!!!

nice :D

this is life-changing <3

(1 edit)

Approaching the end of the game, talking to Sean, then the snerson conversation happens. Most I've laughed all week.

(Also, managed to get an unintentional pun in this already pun-filled game. Called my character Egg, got called a good egg.)

wow... just wow. i skipped this game multiple times, not thinking it would he good, but holy shit I am so glad I finally got curious enough to play it. I got so attached to each character and their stories, and I loved the touch of pronouns, like the characters on the graves using ze?? that's the representation we need. purrgatory blues actually made me tear up, I love Sean and Dani so much, I love each character, they're all so uniquely designed, this is probably one of my new favorite games. 


This should be called pungatory with how many jokes there are.

Natalie is my favourite character.

second best game I've ever played.


(First is undertale)

This Game is the Shit, Intrigued the entire way through, loved the art and how it was made to look animated. it was really heart touching and every character had their characteristics and their own lines. I spent hours on this game and I would spend more. it makes me get up and do something hearing every bodies regrets and how life should be more. I loved the great storyline and how everything was like puzzle pieces. 

I thought since I'm an FPS game player I thought it would be any regular story-game and a short play but I had to finish it and the final ending was really satisfying

And Personally my favorite character was Tori, she was fun and her personality was really distinct.

5 - Star Game and Nothing Less

I didn't have a lot of expectations going into this game but DAMN. this shit was amazing. the drawings were actually pretty cool and suited the game, and the characters were well-written and funny.

(2 edits) (+1)

(spoilers don't peep) also some doodles from the wall

this game was so beautiful. i gotta talk about it. first of all, it's so wonderful and detailed and just the libraries alone !! like?? how long that must have taken?? i really like this sort of style with thin (pencil?) lines making up a larger, more complicated bg. the characters were so 3 dimensional and i got very attached to them. i would say that natalie was probably my favourite. as someone who draws, she's so Relatable when you keep coming back to her during art block and the last idea is just gone. the shift in style between purrgatory and the other place is also really cool.

two: the music was lovely, really made the different areas' atmosphere come through. purrgatory blues was so wonderful, both during the everything slam and the ending credits. also: among us on natalie's end credit scene (ඞ?)

agh it was so good! dialogue, music, art, it was all like   wow..

anyway, sorry for going on and on!

thanks for the experience + here are some of the doodles i did on the wall

(yes i did save here just so i could do it again)



Teared up, 100/10


bro I just finished the game how is purrgatory blues nt in the spotify top 10 yet. at the end of the game with the actual vocals, I cried so much my tears had tears. The ships are also really cute!

bro this game is so fire even lava said DAMN! But seriously, like holy crap. The web build does take a very long time to load, but I mean, it's like 2 and a half hours of playtime. A part two of this game would be EPIC. But if making a whole part two is too much work, maybe just some hidden endings or more easter eggs would be awesome.

oh yeah and 69/10.

how do i type the lucifur number into the phoen cause it has letters

you have to convert the letters to numbers based on what's on the keypad, it's 5555824387 :)


oliver is the best most amazing yellow mouse boye i have ever met he is gorgeous ;;;;; olive my boye ;;;


I LOVE your game and I know that I actually have a new favorite game called "Purrgatory" thanks for making this game!

So im working on helping numa get the gifts for Kyungsoon but I cant figure out where to find the food or howto ask her favorite


you should talk to numa first to discuss the food. then you can ask kyungsoon :)

ive been trying to find this second battery for an hour now, i got one from the electrical closet


Go through the door with the "Welcome" mat infront of it, it should be on the table inside of there.

(1 edit) (+1)

when i click the load button the game crashes and i cant continue playing, does someone know if its my computer or the game itself¿

it's the game ): it's not that well-made. have you tried the windows build?

sorry for not answering, i think i fixed it now, thx

IT WAS SOO GOOD!! I was expecting it to be meh and just a short simple game but it was amazing and beautiful and the puns were purr-fect.


just finished the game and my god it's so gorgeous. all the characters are so well developed and their stories are deeply compelling. there's something simply so uniquely sweet and there is a depth of compassion amongst the frankly APPALLING (affectionate) puns. A delicately crafted game that DID make me tear up at times. 10/10 meowraculous


holy shit 10/10 best 4 hours I've spent playing video games ever I love this so fricking much!

nevermind it started working now 

its not letting me type custom pronouns or my name, is that a bug?


this game is amazing, i actually came back to play it again (i couldnt save natalie in my first run) and its still just as good as the first time i played it!

AH but it just deleted my save file :(

oh no im sorry!


nooooo ;;; i'm not fruryy ;;;;

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