purrgatory is a visual novel about passing time in an afterlife where nothing really matters. explore a whimsical point-and-click world, befriend seven charming characters, and remember — furever's not so bad!

winner of the "i can't draw" game jam and featured in the museum of pop culture in seattle, washington!


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Most fun I've had in a game in such a long time. Natalie is probably my favourite character out of them all. The characters and the story are done so well. It really gets you hooked in and attached to the game. Really looking forward to any new projects that you have Niv!

Tyvm :)


That was absolutely lovely! I remember playing the original jam version or something close to it back in 2019 and being very sad when I ran out of content to explore, so it was a lot of fun sitting down and going through the finished game. It's incredible just how quickly you can get deeply attached to well-written characters (Natalie seems like someone I'd genuinely like to be friends with), and watching all their personal arcs unfold was almost more satisfying than the good ending itself!

I think my favorite part is the subtle differences in dialogue depending on circumstance. The way that for certain cutscenes and conversation paths you have different dialogue entirely depending on who's in the room and whether you've met the person before. As a writer and programmer myself, that kind of attention to detail always really wins me over to a game.
Of course, as a lover of music my second-favorite part has to be Purrgatory Blues :V

My only regret is that I never managed to locate that last snowglobe...

Thank u very much :3 I'm always afraid one of those edge cases will break...

I couldn't have said it better myself. All the characters are so well written that you get attached to them, all the characters stories are all so interesting and just pull you in and yes Purrgatory Blues is an absolute banger of a song

After getting the good and neutral endings, I went back, named myself Lucifur, and got the bad(?) ending, and I'm sorry but having Lucifur exclaim his name when he was calling me to the library- that was stunning.

lol nice


this is the most fun ive had in a while!! i love this so much im gonna continue playing when i wake up tomorrow, thank u for this game


u are welcome :3


i just finished it!!!! this is one of the best games ive ever played, im glad to have been alive to play this little game. i got both the bad and good ending, it was so fun and im not very good at reviews and such but i enjoyed every second of playing this, ty again <33


well thank you for playing!!


AAA I GOT THE GOOD ENDING I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS GAME THANK YOU AGAIN :') I'm in love with purrgatory blues that's too bad that I can't find it on spotify :(. Btw, not sure if I got it right, but is Elijah the only character not part of the LGBTQ community in the game? 


aaaa thank you! purrgatory blues is not on spotify but it is on bandcamp, if that interests you! and you are correct. elijah is a respectful ally :3


I really love this game! At the moment I just finished Numa's part but I don't understand what are Kyungsoon's pronouns. I thought they were a girl but I think after a dialogue they referred to themselves as "son"? Ty and keep up the good work :)


ty! kyungsoon's pronouns are she/her. she mentions not being a perfect son bc she is trans :)

loved this a lot!! the story was really rich and enjoyable :)

ty :3


This game was absolutely lovely! I thoroughly enjoyed the game! Though I'd like to ask, would you be okay with me using screenshots for profile pics?


of course go ahead!


This is really really fun! One question though: Im stuck in the pit/dropoff and dont know how to use the flashlight... anything im missing?


i'm not entirely sure what you mean, but the flashlight turns on automatically if you go deep enough. additionally, if you get "stuck" and can't go down any more, you need to click on something to progress the story. does that help?

thanks that helps lots!


Just finished the game with the good ending, thank you so much for creating this and thanks for the help!

of course, ty for playing :)


I loved the game. I'm brazilian and if you are interested in translate it to portuguese, i will love to help

ooh, i'm interested! can we chat on twitter or discord?

Sure! 29Naybla#9817

sent a friend request :)






I beat the game! It was so good! Also I'm kinda curious what the snowglobes we're for? I had like 6 of them lol. When purrgatory blues played at the end my heart MELTED. 10/10 I DO RECCOMEND.

lol ty! if you get all 7 and find the right place to use them, there's a little easter egg, that's all :)

will we ever know what the object was

nope. probably something awesome though

I finally finished all character arcs :) first time I played I didn't and called Lucifur, and it really just had a pretty bad feeling. This was an amazing journey, thank you for this!

ofc, ty for playing :)

Hey, I would just like to ask, is there a possibility of having a 32 bit version of this game in the future? I came from steam hoping I could run this version as I got curious of the game, but cannot run neither this version nor the steam version

sure, i could export one! i avoided including a 32 bit build bc i didn't have a machine to test it on. but first, have you tried refreshing the web version a couple times or playing on chrome or firefox?

I don't have firefox, but I tried to run it on internet explorer and chrome. I can't get past the white 'loading....' screen after waiting 5 minute. Refreshing doesn't help it either


Ah, I see. Sounds like your computer might not be strong enough to run the game... Still, I'll make a 32-bit build when I have the time and you can try it out. If it works well for you i can add it to itch and steam for other people :)


https://www.dropbox.com/s/0co81blkern11dm/purrgatory%20-%20windows%20%2832-bit%2... here it is! let me know how it goes. (link is temporary, by the way, so go ahead and download it.)

https://imgur.com/a/kf7Rr45 Well,  I dont think I'll be able to test it, but thank you for going through all the trouble to convert it so I could try :)


absolute banger of a game. i was super glad i was able to come across it; its a simple point and click game and the bgm is such a bop and for what?? very cool that the story lets you get to really know these characters well and having them as lgbtq was a cherry on top. a lot of the little interactions the characters have with the player really break through to my heart and im appreciative of the effort and the many thoughts that have been put into the game. massive kudos!!! <33

ty!! all the kudos to you!!!


This game made me feel emotions for virtual characters. I wish there was more and i already miss them and this game. Niv, you made a damn good game along with the others that helped you.


tyty, i did my best :)

I just wanted to say that I'm hoping to stream this game on Twitch very soon, I hope that's okay, and I can already tell from the name that I'm going to love this game :0

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absolutely, i encourage it! hope you enjoy :0


Registered JUST to say how amazed I am by this small lil' game. Definitely going to draw a MASSIVE AMOUNT of art for this game. Thanks for giving so much personality to the cast! It was rich to play because of the small amount of minigames that still kept it slightly more diverse and not monotone, very simple in the art and yet still just charming as a whole. I am just HYPED for this catmazing game.


aa thank you!! hey i think we talked on twitter! look forward to seeing anything you draw :3


Hell yeah! I'm  currently working on a full piece and was actually thinking of doing 7 icons for each character. Hmu if you want to see any on Twitter!

oooh yes keep me updated


Love this game really I do. Love all the characters, but my favorite might be ori? She's too cool. I recorded my entire gameplay with oral translation to Chinese, but I haven't posted it anywhere yet. If you're interested I'll send you a link when it's up? Anyway, I just want to thank you sooo much for making this!!


what that's so cool!! in fact, the other day i got a chinese review on steam saying they liked the art but couldn't understand the text, so it seems like your video might be useful. definitely send me a link if you don't mind. and i'm glad u enjoyed :3


It's here!!https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1o44y1k7zb

I'm gonna go rate on steam and put this link there too!

yay, ty!! you could consider making a post in the community hub https://steamcommunity.com/app/1713610/discussions/ :)


i'm really glad i noticed purrgatory while i was scrolling through itch.io's top rated page !! i did not expect it upon clicking a seemingly innocent b&w thumbnail with a little cat, but this game has become one of my absolute favourites. 

the art style is very charming and comforting. the music was perfect and spot-on. the dialogue was fantastic and had me laughing very often—and in some moments, painfully sympathetic with the characters. oh, these wonderful little characters !! i've gotten embarrassingly attached to this silly gang of people. i'm so glad i could give them an ending they deserve. 

i kept getting increasingly pleasantly surprised upon learning more about the characters and realising pretty much everybody is queer ! i also loved how i can write my own story when regaining 'memories'—it just made the experience that much more personal. 

thank you for all your hard work and for sharing the game with us ! i will definitely replay this someday, and come back to the home i found within the afterlife's in-between xx

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ty, this comment is so sweet! i'm glad you enjoyed!!


Is it actually possible to complete the wire part?

sure is!

:0 alrighty!


nice game think you can add in some cool easter eggs?


There are easter eggs! Have you collected all the snowglobes? :3c


no now lemme get all of them


i really loved this; would do anything for the characters in the story. amazing job how you made me feel so much for everyone in such a short time
snakey boi team forever :)

ty!!! snakey boi ftw :3

oh! also wanted to ask, will  there be the instrumental of purrgatory blues released anywhere? that sounds like a really fun song to do

that's a great idea! i added a link to .wav and .mp3 versions of the instrumental to this dev log. have fun :3



Am streaming the game in Facebook and also showed it to my friends, the game is very fun and funny at the same time and I like how simple and entertaining it is at the same time

Really LOVE IT (and the elevator music is just  πŸ‘Œ)

ooh, awesome! thanks for spreading the word :3

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when i get to the part where kyungsoon is talking to numa in her vent i think at the very end of the conversation the screen suddenly goes bright green for some reason

huh?? that's not normal... if you're playing the web version, what browser and os are you using?

google chrome

hmmm that's so strange. i'm not even sure how i'd go about fixing this issue. in any case, at the end of kyungsoon and numa's conversation, the screen is supposed to go black, not green. then you should be able to click anywhere to continue the story. if you ever play again, hopefully that's what happens!

aaa i have 6 snow globes where's the seventh ;;

Great game, and purrgatory blues at the end of the heaven ending is perfection. Great game, and also Numa and Kyungsoon <33


aha i found it


Dammit Kyungsoon stop eating stuff that isn't made to be food! It might give you indigestion and will give you a horrible stomachache if you're not careful!

You better stop or I'll tell Numa 


LOL ty, glad you enjoyed!!


haven't played anything THIS awesome in a while:)

hehe ty



That was a lot of fun. Although it's a visual novel, it feels like it draws heavily on the classic point-and-click adventure genre and it both looks and feels (at least to some degree) like those old Flash escape-the-room games. I mean the better ones, so that's a compliment! I didn't play the most recent version so my review may be slightly dated, but:

I enjoyed the visual style, which between the intentional sketchiness and the black-and-white environment is likely what reminded me of those Flash games. The character's sprites are distinctive and evoke their personalities before you even speak to them, and there's just enough oddness to establish Purrgatory as a slightly surreal world unto itself while keeping it firmly grounded in the mostly benign, mildly irritating banality that seems to be its hallmark. The audio was amazing and the ambient music was fitting without getting grating, which is important considering how much backtracking I wound up doing; the lack of shortcuts/fast travel makes total sense within the game, as the characters literally have forever to get from place to place and the mild irritation is probably a feature, not a bug. I found the mechanics easy to understand and enjoyed the puzzles, which required a bit of thinking without being hard or unfair; they were also well-integrated into the narrative, since they felt like things I'd enjoy doing (interacting with the characters, exploring) rather than things I was doing simply to advance the game.

The writing was witty without being overbearing and much of the dialogue was convincingly natural; it went a long way towards establishing the characters and their personalities without making outright statements, and things that were revealed in later conversations felt like the natural results of earlier conversations. I genuinely wanted to help them characters and felt good about it when I succeeded in doing so. The text could be heartwarming or poignant but was also funny, keeping things relatively light despite the frankly terrifying existential implications of a potentially-perpetual Purrgatory. I appreciate the fact that there was text for just about anything you could click on, though I'm still sad on behalf of my MC: Did they not deserve a snack from that vending machine? I'm the type of person who tries to guess the twist so I had an idea of how things would play out, but it's to your credit that I thoroughly enjoyed the journey nonetheless and was actually slightly wrong about how things would end: My compliments on the red herring that was the snowglobes as I was legitimately flabbergasted when I got to the end of that hallway, which is probably just what Lucifurr wanted. You raised my hopes and dashed them most expertly, sir. The ability to determine pieces of the MC's background was also a nice touch, retaining the faceless protagonist and allowing players to self-insert while giving a bit of personalization.

Not sure how many endings there are since I've only done one playthrough, but I got the Heaven ending and it was very satisfying, which extended through the credits and the little glimpses of the cast enjoying themselves. I chuckled at the shout-outs, like the gnome and crowbar; when I saw the train station I thought about the Number Nine from Grim Fandango, or possibly the trains from The Good Place, but I'm not sure if that's a reference or... you know, just a train station. I had a couple of crashes while playing the downloaded version; not sure if this was because I was using a slightly older version or because my laptop is ancient (probably the latter), but it didn't impact me much and might be moot at this point, given the most recent version.

I thought about quoting some of my favorite lines, but that would double the size of this already-way-too-long comment, so I'll just say that I enjoyed playing this game very much, and thank you for putting it out there to be played!


thank you so much for this thoughtful review!! there are too many kind words for me to respond to all of them, but i'll mention that you're spot on about it being inspired by flash games. i don't suppose you've played daymare town?

i'd like to hear what crashes you encountered - i haven't had any reported so far, so it's probably not fixed in the new version. i wouldn't mind hearing those favorite lines, either :3


Yes, I've played Daymare Town! That's probably what I was thinking of, to be honest; I got into it through the Submachine series, which sparked my love for puzzle/escape-type games, but I'm also a big chicken (not literally) so it's hard for me to find similar games that aren't horror. Which is part of why I enjoyed this one so much!

Crash-wise, two happened when the game was loading; I clicked on it before it was done (once accidentally) and it froze. The first time I had to shut it down from the Task Bar and the second time it closed itself. The other crash I remember happened during the keyboard jam sesh, when I may have been panic-hitting the keys too quickly, causing the game to lag badly, freeze and crash. I assume it was my extremely old laptop, not the game itself. Incidentally, I was relieved to find out that you don't have to actually succeed at the duet, as it was giving me second-grade-piano-lesson flashbacks.

Quote-wise, there's really too many, but:
- Sean's "I'm a snake with arms" comment.

- Numa's panic-garbled text as she literally runs screaming from the room after trying to confess (relatable but still funny).
- Elijah's "today is a floor day" conversation (also very relatable).
- Tori, of all people, geeking out when we learn that Nat is the artist behind Nocturnal, plus Nat's "it me" responses when she's trying to be coherent.
- Oliver declaring that Lucifur Himself is "a JERK" as if it's the worst thing he could think of to say.
- Almost anything Kyungsoon says, particularly her matter-of-fact speech about Lucifur's cat form and 'petting him like a bongo.'
- Lucifur's defensive response when you ask him about the cat toy, and the MC's earlier response when the cat toy breaks and they just drape the string-and-mouse part on the cat.
- I really liked Numa's refusal to leave if the MC couldn't go. Considering how withdrawn and anxious she is when you meet her, it was heartwarming that she could stand up to Lucifur like that, as well as a testament to the strength of her new relationships. Kyungsoon's flat "what" when Numa says that neither of them will be leaving was funny, though!
- I also really liked the whole "I'm Spartacus!" scene; it was a real feel-good vibe to see more introverted characters like Numa and Oliver speak up, or Tori defer her laser-like focus on escaping for the sake of MC and the others.
- I just liked a lot of the friendship moments, like helping Elijah and Sean make up or Tori storming into Oliver's study to talk about chess. Relatedly, Elijah being so happy that the Everything Slam is coming together/went off so well, and seeing everyone interacting after that.
- Not actually a quote, but the different exhibits and cards in the Meowseum, including Hover Cat, Scaly Cat and "just regular Starry Night." I also have to admit that the giant rotating cat model took me by surprise because it's just so different from everything else in the game!

(1 edit) (+1)

ah, you might be right about the crashes, it sounds like your laptop just couldn't handle the load. still my fault for making the game so poorly optimized, though ;_;

i love hearing what people enjoyed about the game so i'm glad you took the time to type all that out :3 i'm especially happy to see some lucifur- and elijah-related moments in there since they're definitely two of the less popular characters. thanks again for your super kind comments!!

You're welcome, and I'm glad I didn't scare you into a tl;dr with my walls of words! I'm a little surprised to hear that Elijah and Lucifer aren't as popular, but I'm guessing it's because you only interact with Lucifur briefly (and he is responsible for trapping you in Purrgatory) and Elijah's personality is more... muted?... than the others. Honestly, though, I wouldn't have minded an ending where the MC stays in Purrgatory and keeps Lucifur company/helps him fix the place up, maybe serving as a greeter/mentor for future inhabitants, and I really liked Elijah and found him very relatable. Plus, he's an ARMY-dillo! (Unless he was actually in the Navy or something.)

dang, that's a really good idea for an ending! wish i'd have thought of that. unfortunately your pun is faulty for a different reason -- elijah is a pangolin, not an armadillo :3


(comments like yours really give life to devs, doing gods work out here, Emberbright! <3)


Haha, thanks, but it's literally the least I can do! Devs are putting out cool games for free, and I'm unfortunately not in a place where I can shower creators with money and delicious food, so putting a little effort into these comments is (maybe?) the next best thing!


just finished the game for the first time and i would do anything for Oliver

good :3

Deleted 37 days ago


I've been stuck on tori waiting at that door in the warehouse, and I kinda have nothing to do now- but the game is very nice!


(1 edit)

there's nothing to wait for, you're done with tori's story!! sorry!! i'll make sure to add that to the hints -- you're not the only one who got confused about that door...


Saw this game at the MoPOP in Seattle!

WO that's so cool, i live across the country so i never knew anyone who saw it there in person :0

Just finished the game and have to say it's so cute! Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us! I'll definitely recommend this game to anyone who's looking for a visual novel with a great storyline and amazing characters!!!

tyvm :3

this game is so cool!!

spoilers ahead!!!

 i’ve been playing it for a while and i’m stuck on tori’s storyline, clicking on lucifer wuz here down the hole i’ve just lost her :’) 

but other than that i love love love this game ajd im so excited to finish it, i love your artstyle and i’m excited for thinfs you do in the future 

thank u so much! :) 

you mean you've finished the encounter at the dropoff and you can't find her again? in that case, you should look somewhere near the warehouse. there's a section i added to the hints with her location if you still can't find her :3

I played this game in one sitting and it's-- I love it so much. Thank you sm for making the game!! I'm looking forward to any other games you have or that you're making :]


thank you! and don't worry, i'm always working on some game or another :]

I made this account just to write this comment and i must say its one of my favourite games ever, I almost cried at the end. Great job

aa i'm so glad to hear that my game had that sort of emotional impact, ty!

this game is super duper cool!!!! 

(spoiler warning) i've finished snake musician, army armadillo and owl girl's storylines (i'm terrible with names sorry lmao) but i can't figure out how to progress with the others storylines? i've done the everything slam, and i haven't called lucifur yet. i checked out the hints page too, but they don't say how to get a task, only how to complete them. did i pick a wrong dialogue option before? i've tried every available one and nothing extra seems to be happening.

anyways, awesome game, the simple graphics make it so much better, and very endearing characters!!!!! :D

just got nerd mouse's story!! :))

ah ty for the kind words!!! here's a few tips:

to get started on natalie (sleepy moth), you have to find her draw-a-paw, give it to her, then ask about what she's drawing. if you've already done that, then patience is the key. but note that time only passes in purrgatory if you walk around!

for numa (anxious snail), you need to find the screwdriver, get into the vent, and explore what's inside.

for kyungsoon (hungry hyena), her storyline is a part of one of the others, so you don't have anything special. 

i'll add these tips to the hints as well. hope that helps!!

thank you so much for the tips!!!!! i tried looking everywhere for numa's vent, and i thought i couldn't find it, but it was in the most obvious spot lmao. i finally finished everyone's stories!! i got everyone into heaven too!!! the ending was very very cool and made me very happy :))))

thank you again! :D

yaay, glad u figured it all out :)

Damn, I almost cried when I finished the game after 3 long days. I almost wish I'd never left Purrgatory, but as long as everyone is happy.

I admit I get attached too quickly to fictional characters, but this time it's not even my fault. The characters were written perfectly, as if they were real. Even LUCIFUR. King should've come with us. And the storyline? Amazing. The music? Immaculate. Especially Sean's little song at the end. The ambience... it was heavenly, even in black and white Hell.

Anyways, really good job.

(1 edit)

eee thank u! glad u enjoyed!

I couldn't have not enjoyed it, haha.

just finished the game and i feel so fulfilled, it was wonderful!! its not common that i love all of the characters in a story so much :D thanks for sharing this slice of death with the world!

and ty for playing!! :D

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