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too difficult i quit 

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Me: I'm bored... What does have for brower games... I hear you're bored! Here type out the ENTIRE BIBLE!

Me: Sure? Guess i'll put some music on and get working.

(edit: 10 minutes later and i've finally reached the 4th sentence)


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I have made it to Genesis 1:11. Next up: Genesis 1:15.

(Also Niv how far have you made it before?)

not far!

i do not like the letter "j"

"c" used to be my least favorite, but now it is "j"

"j" is shit



how many times did you have to type the bible in full just to get us to attempt it once?

i've never read the bible!

HOW IS THIS SO HARD! The furthest I've gotten was Genesis 1:8

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I can't single out my favourite part for myself. All holy Scripture teaches people to love and kindness. The Lord proclaims that he is love. Unfortunately, many believers think God was crueller during the Old Testament due to poor knowledge of the Bible. My mother interpreted many passages for me.

Moreover, now every week, we visit By the way, people's doubt about the goodness of God is also caused by diseases and suffering on earth. What do you think about this?

Okay, I think you may have misunderstood what I meant. I'm not religious, I just find religion fascinating from a purely psychological point of view. I was simply commenting on the fact that this game is more difficult than I expected.

I'm not attempting to say you were wrong to leave this comment, but it definitely took me by surprise. As for the question you asked, I feel that has many answers. I personally believe that if there is a god, they are not inherently good or bad. I also believe that the philosophy that everything happens for a reason is wrong as if there is a god who intends to act in our best interests, then having death be a thing is simply cruel and does not teach anything. A god who purposefully introduced death into an ecosystem would be cruel. There would be other ways to stop overpopulation. 

Sorry if this was long-winded. You asked for a philosophical discussion, and I tried to answer. I hope nothing I said insulted you. Have a wonderful day!

This game is so good....


but god, it's hard. The furthest I've gotten to was Genesis 1:5



wait lol why is this addicting


ok...... i may or may not be thinking about writing this bible fanfic (im not a religious fanatic i swear i just like thinking of physics and existentialism and what if jesus was gay) and i may or may not be needing to probably do some hardcore religion studies stuff for it and this may or may not be legit a good way to do that lmao


This makes me want to read the bible lol

Just wondering, are you religious?


not really!


Huh... I'd think after reading the whole bible semi-carefully (although I do have to admit, it is KJV) you'd at least reconsider that. I don't want to sound preachy, but you might want to look into it a bit further.


plenty of people study religion without necessarily being religious, like for their job and stuff


Without cheating, has anyone even completed this?


lmao no way


KJ Bible speedrun when


Has anybody tried to speed run this ?


well now i want to

but i think it would take like 4 millennia

oooohhhh... send this to bisqwit to play... he have made a typing game for DOS... and hes a jew.. and its the fastest typer i know just check out this video of him coding in DOS

this looks like sped up... but this is his actual writing speed

i love coming back here to satisfy my need to type, but it'd be cool with a timer feature :-) nevertheless, thank u for this fun lil game!!!


Glad u like it :)

Came here from purrgatory and watch as I don't even get past a tenth of the Old Testament


aaa i can't even get past the first sentence


already given up that's how smart and amazing i am

SDJFGK it's surprisingly hard, right?


My attention span is probably shorter than a brick so I probably won't be finishing this any time soon lmao

I have too many habits built in, like putting a space after a period (which doesn't work out great when it's at the end of a line lmao)

Inspired! A beautiful exercise in patience and perserverance.

thank you very much :)


very shoddy, but i mean it was an attempt

that was a blast to watch, thanks for playing!!

thank you so much!!!!


In an update, could you provide an option in the practice section to choose the book and chapter? I just like to type the bible in my casual time. Very nice presentation you have here!


That's a great idea... I was actually thinking I should have done that myself. I don't have plans to update this game but thanks for leaving a comment :)


Hahah nice game :D can u share source code maybe ?


I'm glad u like it :D

What a strange request, but here's the godot project files!