Ever since this game was sent to my dreams by divine powers, I have worked ceaselessly to bring it into being. Now, the prophecy is fulfilled. The instructions are simple: type the entire Bible, and don't make any mistakes!

This is probably the hardest game I've ever made. So hard, in fact, that it's virtually impossible to complete. Going a few paragraphs without making a typo is already a nerve-wracking affair, let alone 1200 pages. But who knows? If Jesus can turn water into wine, maybe someone can type the Bible perfectly.

The less-devout among you, never fear! Use Practice mode to fulfill your Bible-typing needs without worrying about those heretical typos.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
AuthorNiv ๐ŸฆŒ
Made withGodot
TagsExperimental, typing
Average sessionA few minutes


Type-the-Bible-Linux.zip 14 MB
Type-the-Bible-Mac.zip 14 MB
Type-the-Bible-Windows.zip 12 MB


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Came here from purrgatory and watch as I don't even get past a tenth of the Old Testament

aaa i can't even get past the first sentence

already given up that's how smart and amazing i am

SDJFGK it's surprisingly hard, right?


My attention span is probably shorter than a brick so I probably won't be finishing this any time soon lmao

Inspired! A beautiful exercise in patience and perserverance.

thank you very much :)


very shoddy, but i mean it was an attempt

that was a blast to watch, thanks for playing!!

thank you so much!!!!


In an update, could you provide an option in the practice section to choose the book and chapter? I just like to type the bible in my casual time. Very nice presentation you have here!


That's a great idea... I was actually thinking I should have done that myself. I don't have plans to update this game but thanks for leaving a comment :)


Hahah nice game :D can u share source code maybe ?


I'm glad u like it :D

What a strange request, but here's the godot project files!