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WARNING: This game contains loud noises and flashing colors.

A hybrid cursor maze and point-and-click adventure made for i can't draw but want to make a game (again)! Wander a desert torn apart by glitches, meet the downtrodden inheritors of planet Earth, and navigate perilous mazes for a chance to find Salvation. 


Featuring the voice talent of...

Original Soundtrack for "The End Of Days" available on Bandcamp!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsNiv 🦌, Michael Macapagal
Tags2D, glitch, maze, Mouse only, Point & Click, Post-apocalyptic, Robots, Short, Singleplayer


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TheEndOfDays-Linux.zip 155 MB
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TheEndOfDays-Windows.zip 153 MB


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This is such a great game, very intense. The plot is not very deep, maybe this is what makes the game that good :). The gameplay is very addictive.

I was not afraid at the beginning about the glitch boxes, but after a while I was super careful of not crossing them.. such a evil effect.

thanks a bunch!! the glitch effect was one of our first ideas for this game, it's super cool to see how players react to it :3


I love your musics. The music is The music that resonates in my deepest soul.  Thank you.  


loved the gameplay of this! the characters/dialogue are incredible as always. so proud to have gotten them all sunglasses B)


ty!! you did good, kid, you did good B) 


Awesome game! First clicker game to keep me interested in years! Super fun, great job!

Ty and ty for your voice work as well, it was fantastic!!

"A glitchy square ate my house"


This game was vvvvvvvv fun. Thank you! 

No thank you for voicing so many characters :3


No, no , no, thank youuu for letting me voice so many characters. 


Anytime!!! Let me know if you need any more help in the voicing  department!


Oh no! Stairs! Great voice acting.

Awyay! Soon Owobot will be able to climb stairs... maybe. Thank you!