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1D cellular automata have always fascinated me. Complex patterns and stark, alien worlds emerging from the simplest of rules. In this minimalist platformer, you can now immerse yourself in these chaotic cellscapes as the pluckiest pixel that ever was: the Automaton Diver! 

  • Play Story Mode to dive through a curated set of bizarre automata. You might find a twist at the bottom!
  • Check out Arcade Mode to set your own parameters and explore freely.
  • Use Bomb, Build, and Slow abilities to navigate tough regions—press C to see the controls.
  • Enjoy some procedurally generated "music"!

I'm sorry about the long load times, by the way. I could have made it better optimized but I didn't feel like it.

Want to know more about cellular automata? Confused about all those options in Arcade Mode? Read this post: But Niv, what the hell is a cellular automaton?

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorNiv ๐ŸฆŒ
GenreEducational, Platformer
Tagsartgame, Math, Minimalist, Procedural Generation


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This was cool! It was chilling to see the patterns become more and more... lifelike, I guess, as you dig deeper (not sure if that's intended or just coincidence/confirmation bias on my part), and the music gave me this odd sense of dread - like I was venturing somewhere deep and unknown.

I didn't quite reach the bottom (bombing through dense zones got to be fairly repetitive after a while), but I enjoyed it nonetheless and feel inspired to check this stuff out a bit more myself!


ty ghast!!


Ohh, I love this! But after quitting out and restarting the story mode when all the way at the bottom I got stuck in the black void under the map with a high pitched note playing in the background


oh no! I'll try to push out a fix for that when I have time... i can make sure the new version will preserve and fix your save without having to start from the beginning.


I think I fixed it! try downloading the new version and see if it's fixed.