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not sure if i should agree with the based book eater or the cringe book reader


woah, my timing got so lucky!! i just finished playing this demo and now i'm super pumped for the full game!! oliver is a sweetheart <33

heck yeah!

This was really cute! I really liked Numa :))

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thanks i'm glad!! :)


I really enjoyed this game :)
Great job!


thanks :)

i really enjoyed the game, it was an amazing project. I would like to know what songs did u used it. thank u

Thank you!! The music is all original and is composed by wizardoffail.


Really nice game, you did a great job. 

Also I'm glad that it had a happy ending :)


thanks, i'm a sucker for happy endings ;w;

i love this so much, it's so cute and charming! the jokes are really funny too

my favorite character is oliver, hes so adorable lol :)


thank u!! oliver's a cute one :)

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thanks a bunch charlmes!!

owo i like

thank owo


cute game ^^


thx :3


This is so cute! I love Kyungsoon...


ty!! kyungsoon is the best hands down


I love this game. It's so cute and the atmosphere is relaxing, i really like the music and the style (and the humor of course). The characters and the dialogs were all so entertaining and i loved being the matchmaker.

also the cat version of fly me to the moon was just something else lol

Tyvm!! ๐Ÿ˜Š

I am a young French girl and I don't understand English very well but this game is so cute! I would love so much to create a game like this when I have the skills :b

Thank you, i'm sure you will make amazing games :3

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Lost my shit when I heard the rendition of Fly Me to the Moon and had to leave a comment before finishing the game.

Adorable point-and-click adventure with cute lively characters, an interesting mix of drier/more blunt humor (like in Dungeons of Dreadmor or Unepic) and general internet humor, and just overall an insanely wholesome experience so far.

This is a 'purrgatory' I'd gladly allow myself to get sent to. ;)

P.S. God damn it why did you have to bait me with the option to 'check out' Oliver :p


ty so much for your kind words!! i'm totally flattered, tho i have to give credit to zardoru for the elevator gag. i'm glad you liked the humor (and oliver ;3)


dude i love this so much!! i love the thought you put into the room layouts, and the dialogue is so cute :). the drawings actually help the pur(r)gatory vibe lol. i think this might be one of my favorite wips, it feels so nostalgic(???) and familiar and sweet :)


Thank u so much!! im so glad you were vibing with the drawings and dialog ๐Ÿ˜


This is super cute!! I just stumbled across this on and I really enjoyed what you have so far. The characters are fun (and honestly, the art is cute and is super fitting). Kyungsoon is my favorite.

Can't wait to see what more comes of this. :) 


thank you for the kind words!!! i'm glad you like kyungsoon, she's my favorite too and she doesn't get the love she deserves ๐Ÿ˜ค

if you want to see more check the twitter, i've been posting dev updates and stuff!!


I didn't play it for too long, but this game is extremely charming! Definitely coming back to this one.


cheers, hope you enjoy the rest ๐Ÿ˜Ž


That was so sweet and peacefull, the drawing style enhance the mood and the dialog fit perfectly! Thanks you for making such a sweet game


tyvm!! I'm glad you were vibing with the game ๐Ÿ˜Š

10/10 must play, cant wait to continue helping and to play the full game one day!


10/10 would ship characters again